Effective ways to engage the private sector - Guidance for civil society organisations working on child protection

Author: Admin
Imprint: 2019
Associated Institutions : Terre des Hommes - Netherlands Plan Internacional - Netherlands Defence for Children - ECPAT Free a Girl ICCO Cooperación
Available in the following languages : Español
Resource Type: Documents
Document Type: Guideline / Guía
Explotation Type: Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) / Explotación sexual de niñas (ESCNNA)
Actor: Private sector / Empresas e industrias activas
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This guidance was developed by the Down to Zero Alliance (DtZ) to support Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in their engagement with the private sector on Child Protection.1 It is a direct response to questions from partners who wanted to learn more about this. The guidance is mainly based on the practical experiences of Down to Zero partners, cross-referenced with some literature listed at the end.