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Publish Date : May 18, 2017

Map of Down to Zero

This is the map with the locations worldwide where DtZ works
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Publish Date : October 26, 2017

Field Visit to the Asean Women Center, Bangkok Thailand

On the 16th of August, 2017, some participants of the Down To Zero Outcome harvesting (Philippines, Indonesia, and India) joined the field visit in one of the communities assisted by the AAT (Alliance Anti Trafic) in Bangkok. We arrived at the area almost 10:00 o’clock in the morning. The name... Learn more

Publish Date : August 29, 2017

Field visit Peru and Colombia

  Eline Pereboom (Coordinator of the Desk) and Willeke Kempkes (ICCO) visited the partners in Peru and Colombia after the regional meeting in Lima in August. It was a great visit with lots of interesting experiences and conversations with the partners and beneficiaries. Eline would like to sha... Learn more

Publish Date : May 18, 2017

Field visit Thailand

Our contact person from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maartje, visited Down to Zero in Thailand last week. She visited all implementing partners in different areas. She was very enthousiast and inspired about the Alliance’ work so far. Her three main observations are: There are some g... Learn more