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Commercial sexual exploitation of children is a pressing issue worldwide that needs to be tackled. The Down to Zero Alliance aims to put a stop to it in eleven countries. The Alliance is a collaboration between Terre des Hommes Netherlands, Defence for Children-ECPAT, Free a Girl, ICCO and Plan Netherlands, with sponsorship from our strategic partner, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Este video tiene como objetivo informar y sensibilizar a la población en general sobre la problemática de la Explotación Sexual de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes (ESNNA). Se busca lograr un diálogo abierto con la participación de las Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes (NNA), generar reflexión en los espectadores y contribuir en la prevención de la explotación sexual a través de las intervención de padres, docentes e integrantes de la sociedad civil.

Learning Agenda

Learning Question 1

How to engage strategically with the private sector to ensure that we realise meaningful private sector engagement, in our fight against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children?

What are effective child empowerment strategies, taking into account age and gender, in our programma against sexual exploitation of children?

The members of the DtZ alliance continuously reflect upon the Theory of Change, the pathways, outcomes and outputs, and assumptions. Knowledge and insights are being generated on the relevance and effectiveness of our interventions aimed at victims of CSEC or children at risk of CSEC. Based on reflections during annual outcome harvesting meetings and learning meetings, the Theory of Change will be adapted and renewed if needed.

This component of learning focuses on the alliance internally. By sharing best practices amongst the implementing partners, partners are encouraged to learn and to identify new ideas and knowledge to increase the fight against CSEC effectively. Each Alliance partner has several implemented approaches which can complement each other (e.g. certain service delivery and ways to diminish the demand for CSEC). Other approaches which are similar to each other lend themselves for comparative analysis (e.g. different ways to community based approaches towards CSEC).

The field of CSEC is constantly changing. Innovative approaches are needed to address new phenomena such as online sexual exploitation of children. New approaches are also required to forge better ways to address recurring underlying problems or drivers more effectively, at a wider scale and longer-term. The Alliance aims to co-create innovative approaches with partners, for example new ways to engage with the private sector strategically and to empower children effectively (taking into account age and gender). In this co-creation process, also external stakeholders will be involved, like embassies, multilateral organisations, private sector, authorities or other NGOs. Partners do not operate in a vacuum and it is crucial to learn from other perspectives and existing approaches of other stakeholders.

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