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Speak Out: The Sexual Exploitation of Children by Tourists and Travellers

Descripción: The sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism has dramatically expanded across the globe. The huge growth in international and domestic travel has increased both the number of travellers and tourists and the number of children vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Survivors speak out in this video and ask all of us a question: as our world becomes smaller through increased travel and internet access, how can we help protect children from this horrific abuse by travellers and tourists?

Principles of engaging with the private sector

Descripción: This video was developed by the Down to Zero Private Sector Working Group to share the main steps/tips on engaging with the private sector.

De la illusion a la explotacion

Descripción: Este video tiene como objetivo informar y sensibilizar a la población en general sobre la problemática de la Explotación Sexual de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes (ESNNA). Se busca lograr un diálogo abierto con la participación de las Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes (NNA), generar reflexión en los espectadores y contribuir en la prevención de la explotación sexual a través de las intervención de padres, docentes e integrantes de la sociedad civil.