10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (2024)

10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (1)

Work lights are vital for any construction job, whether you’re stuck working in the dark at night or you need to shine a light in your garage. A bright work light can not only help you to work faster and more efficiently, but it is also important for your health and safety, regardless of the job.

LED work lights are easily the best in terms of both efficiency and brightness, and nowadays, you can choose from a lot of different types of LED lights to fit your needs. If you want a simple bright pocket light to shine in darkly lit spaces, or a powerful floodlight to use on a big outdoor project, there are plenty of options available. This article will help you find the best LED work light for you.

The following product reviews give details on ten of the best LED work lights on the market in order to help you find one that suits your needs.

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View the Best LED Work Lights, Below.

  • Hallomall Outdoor Work Spotlights
  • DEWALT DCL079B LED Work Light
  • Caterpillar CT1000 Pocket COB Light
  • Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light
  • Bosch FL12 LED Cordless Work Light
  • PowerSmith PWL110S Work Light Stand
  • DEWALT DCL050 LED Work Light
  • WARSUN Portable Rechargeable Work Light
  • Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light
  • OTYTY 2 COB Waterproof LED Flood Lights

1. Hallomall Outdoor Work Spotlights

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First up is this handy LED light by Hallomall. Hallomall has produced this work light to be as convenient and versatile as possible, not just for the projects you are working on. This work light is lightweight, so it is easy to carry around with you if necessary, and the flashing LEDs make it useful for other situations, such as roadside emergencies.

In terms of power, this light uses 15 watts and can produce up to 1800 lumens, making it quite bright considering its small size. In this sense, it would be particularly handy for shining light on small, dark spaces while you work, whatever the project might be. The 360 rotation is another great feature, as it can tilt to show you different areas while you work. Not only this, but it includes 2 USB ports so you can even charge other devices while using it.

As well as being perfect for working, this light is ideal for camping trips and roadside assistance, thanks to its USB ports and durability.

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2. DEWALT DCL079B LED Work Light

10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (4)Read Customer Reviews →

This offering from the reliable tool manufacturers DEWALT is a fantastic tripod light for those projects which require light from above. One of the main features of this work light is its extendable, telescope style pole, which can be used to raise the light up to seven feet in the air. Not only can this brighten up a larger work area, but it helps remove irritating shadows in smaller spaces.

Another benefit of this work light is its run time. The three brightness settings for the LEDs give you up to 5000 lumens, so you have a very powerful shine over your work. This brightness can be maintained for up to 11 hours before the lithium battery runs out, giving you plenty of sight through a long shift or a series of small jobs. Furthermore, this product is built to last with a steel finish, and its cooling system means you won’t burn your hand trying to move it if necessary.

This work light is made to withstand job site conditions and is extendable, so it can illuminate large areas without shadows and glare.

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3. Caterpillar CT1000 Pocket COB Light

10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (5)Read Customer Reviews →

The next work light to take a look at is this pocket COB light from Caterpillar. Another well-known brand offers this trusty pocket light for people who need to move around while working. Essentially, this is a simple flashlight for heavy-duty tasks. It is very lightweight at only 68 grams and is perfect for carrying around on a tool belt due to the pocket clip attached.

The torch has plastic and rubber on its casing, making it durable and impact-resistant, so you don't need to worry about dropping it on the move. However, with its magnetic base, you wouldn't worry about this anyway, as you can stick it on your toolbox or somewhere else, which is convenient while you work. It is also water-resistant, which, along with its small size, makes it suitable for almost any workspace. The 150 lumens it offers in brightness is also quite powerful, relative to its size.

The Caterpillar CT1000 is a handy tool that is perfect for carrying on your person due to its magnetic base and pocket clip.

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4. Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light

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This floodlight from Ustellar is one of the more powerful LED work lights on our list. The high brightness level at 5500 lumens makes this work light strong enough to shine over large worksites, which is particularly useful throughout the night. The two brightness levels also give you the option to choose how bright it should be, so it is adaptable for use in smaller rooms.

An efficient cooling system on this Ustellar work light means that it will not overheat while lighting up large sites. What’s more, it has some easy-to-use adjustable knobs which let you tilt the light in the direction you need to help avoid glare. The light can hang from a useful position, or be mounted to stand on the ground. It is also a waterproof design, making it even more appropriate for outdoor conditions.

This is an efficient floodlight that is powerful enough to light up larger areas of workspace, making it useful on a worksite during the night.

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5. Bosch FL12 LED Cordless Work Light

10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (7)Read Customer Reviews →

The Bosch flashlight offers a high level of brightness and great versatility on a very low voltage. This light is powered on only a 12-volt battery, making it very energy efficient. From this, it achieves six hours of run time, with 330 lumens of brightness coming out of its 10, high-intensity LEDs. If this six hours isn’t enough, it also has a dim light function, which will double the run time of the light by reducing the brightness.

As a portable work light, this is arguably one of the most useful on the market due to its versatility. Not only does it contain powerful magnets for sticking it to a useful toolbox or another item, but it can also be attached to a pocket clip, a wall hook, or a tripod. This makes it usable in almost any small space.

This is a simple yet versatile flashlight that can be attached to a pocket, stuck to a toolbox, mounted to a tripod, or hung on a wall.

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6. PowerSmith PWL110S Work Light Stand

10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (8)Read Customer Reviews →

Next up is this work light from PowerSmith. PowerSmith has designed this work light to be extra powerful without needing to change the bulbs, as the special long-lasting LEDs are extremely bright, and should survive for much longer than normal without burning out. With 1080 lumens, this is a very bright work light for such a small and compact tool.

It is also made to be versatile, with an extra-large hook allowing you to hang it wherever you need. Also, the stand is entirely metal, so it shouldn't get damaged easily. 360-degree rotation means this can tilt to suit your needs in smaller gaps.

This is another versatile LED work light that can bring a lot of brightness to smaller spaces, with a large hook so it can be hung from anywhere.

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7. DEWALT DCL050 LED Work Light

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This work light from DEWALT is ideal for those who need a simple, handheld work light. This comes with a hook that rotates a full 360 degrees, so it is easier to position if you wish to hang it, but it is designed to have a basic handheld grip so you can see into small gaps.

The two brightness settings on this light give you an energy-saving option if you would like it to last longer while you work, and the head can tilt 140 degrees to ensure you can brighten the trickiest of spaces. As well as this, the 3 LEDs have a durable covering, so this light is less likely to get damaged.

If you need something handheld, this offering from DEWALT could be the best LED work light for you, as it has a comfortable grip and the option to hang on a wall.

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8. WARSUN Portable Rechargeable Work Light

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This WARSUN work light is perfect for taking on the road or for dealing with issues while away, such as camping trips and long walks. The rechargeable battery in this work light makes it ideal for keeping in your car in case of emergencies or taking with you for far away jobs. It also includes a USB port that can be used for charging other devices while on the move.

In terms of durability, this light is proven to withstand a 4.9-foot drop test without damage. It also has three brightness settings so you can save energy if you need to, and both a strong magnet and a hook let you position it anywhere. If you want to protect yourself from emergencies on the road, this could be the best LED work light for you.

This is a very portable work light that can be used when camping or on the road, as well as for simple DIY jobs in the home.

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9. Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light

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This work light form Tacklife is the joint brightest on this list, at 5000 lumens. With such power, it can be used to light up a large space with ease, and its rotational capability makes it even easier to use. As well as having a complete 360-degree rotation on its axis, it can also rotate 270 degrees upwards so it can be targeted wherever you like.

This is also a very durable design with its aluminum casing and tempered glass construction preventing any damage. It also has a grid design on the back, which has been made to high-quality heat dissipation and is made to be completely waterproof.

If you work on a construction site or other large space and need a powerful floodlight, this offers a very high level of brightness without using too much energy.

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10. OTYTY 2 COB Waterproof LED Flood Lights

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Finally, we have this LED flood light by OTYTY. Again, this is another portable work light for use on the road or in the home. It has three brightness modes so you can use as much energy as you wish, or adjust it to the brightness you need. It is completely portable without any need for a cord and has a battery that is easily rechargeable through a USB cable. An added bonus is that this USB cable can also be used to charge other devices.

It comes with a stand that can be adjusted to tilt up to 180 degrees so it can fit any situation. It also has an IP65 waterproof rating so it can withstand being used outdoors regardless of the conditions.

This is another functional design for taking on the road or using it in emergencies as it is rechargeable and cordless.

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LED Work Lights Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying the best LED work light for you, it is good to know what you are buying it for. As shown in the product reviews above, different work lights can vary drastically based on their uses. For example, someone who needs to light up a large construction site will need a different product to someone who has a small project in their garage.

Your reasons for buying a work light are just as important as how much you want to spend, and how high the quality should be. More expensive work lights will generally pay off in the long run, as they will last longer without getting damaged or needing replacement bulbs. However, if you only use it for occasional small jobs, you probably don’t need it to be so durable.

The following points should give you a few things to think about before choosing the best LED work light for you. By taking these things into account, you’ll have a better idea of what makes a light good, and how much it is worth investing in it.

What Projects do you need it For?

The first thing to think about is what projects you actually need the work light for. This is because different scale projects will require different levels of brightness, greater mobility, and more options for positioning them. If you work in a large area, you will want lights to have as many lumens as possible in order to light the space up effectively. Some work lights offer 5000 lumens while still being easy to move around, so this is not too difficult to find.

In contrast, if you have a smaller workspace, it would be a waste to have such high energy consumption, and a high level of brightness could prove to be too much and cause issues with glare. If you suffer from glare in a larger space, multiple lights could be an answer. However, for smaller gaps, a work light which can be held in your hand is going to be more suitable.

If your projects are likely to be on the road, you should look into a light that is less powerful so that it can conserve energy without needing to be recharged if it has a rechargeable battery. You might even benefit from having a USB port so you can charge other devices in case of an emergency.

What Conditions do you work In?

The conditions you work in are another important factor. As previously mentioned, working on the road will mean that you probably want a rechargeable battery, and maybe a magnetic base so it can stick to a car. In addition to this, you should make sure it is waterproof to a satisfactory standard, with a covered power switch so that it will survive the conditions.

Waterproof work lights are extremely valuable for any outdoor projects, and you need them to be durable enough to withstand impact too. Many work lights are tested to see how high a fall they can take without damage, so check this out if it will help you. On the other hand, if you are just using it for jobs around your home, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue. If this is the case, a simple pocket light may do the trick, especially if you want to get into small spaces.

If your working conditions vary, buying a work light that can tilt is beneficial, as it will be easy to move around to light up any area. Adjustable brightness levels are another good feature for this as you can change the brightness to match the size of the space, as well as saving energy in the process.

How Versatile is It?

A final point to think about is how versatile you need your work light to be. Of course, adjustable brightness levels are good for working in different conditions, but if you need to light up a series of small gaps, it needs to be well-positioned too. For most instances, a handheld light will be most useful, as long as you are free to hold it. Otherwise, you can purchase lights with magnetic strips to stick to a toolbox. Strong magnets will hold your light in any position.

Alternatively, you may want a pocket attachment. Some portable work lights have pocket attachments, so they can hang from your person while you work. A simple hook for hanging on a wall is also useful if you are working in an attic or garage. If you are mainly going to be using the light in a stationary position, then a simple tripod is worth investing in.

Work lights come with various add-ons and features like this, which could be vital for your project, or could be completely useless. Either way, it is sensible to buy as versatile a work light as possible so it can adapt to any new projects or emergencies you may find. Of course, if you are only going to use it on one or two occasions, then this probably isn’t necessary.

With so many options on the market, these tips should help you choose the best LED work light for you.

Expert Tip

If you need a work light to use in a variety of different areas, it’s a good idea to get one which tilts, so that it can shine into smaller gaps as well as lighting up large areas.

Did You Know?

A work light on an extendable stand can not only brighten a larger area but can also prevent shadows by shining from above.

10 Best LED Work Lights [2024 Review] - BestOfMachinery (2024)
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