Spectrum Basic Cable Channels Package Guide and lineup (2024)

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June 22, 2024June 22, 2024 - by Club HDTV

Spectrum, a premier cable TV provider, delivers various plans to serve variable watching priorities. Spectrum Basic Cable Channels Package is an affordable choice that offers access to multiple channels, including sports networks, local stations, and entertainment channels. In this write-up, we will move into the Spectrum Basic Cable Package information and its channel books to aid you in making an informed decision about your cable subscription.

What is Spectrum Basic Cable Channels Package?

Spectrum Basic Cable Channels Package is a cost-effective choice that delivers various channels at a low rate. This plan is suitable for those who are willing to remain attached to local sports, news, and entertainment without removing the restriction. A few major components of the Spectrum Basic Cable package are detailed below.

  • Channel Lineup – The Basic Cable Plan involves almost 125 channels involving sports networks, local stations, and entertainment channels.
  • Local Stations – The plan involves activation to local stations like CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX confirming you remain upgraded with local events and news.
  • Sports Networks – The plan involves prominent sports networks such as ESPN2, ESPN, and FOX Sports, making it suitable for sports lovers.
  • Entertainment Channels – The plan involves various entertainment channels such as Food Network, HGTV, and Discovery Channels, providing something for everyone.
  • On-Demand Content – The plan involves the activation of Spectrum’s on-demand library, which delivers a big collection of TV shows, movies, and original content.
  • DVR Capability – The plan involves a digital video recorder (DVR) that enables you to secure and play back your favorite shows.

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How to Add Basic TV to Spectrum?

Spectrum provides an easy removal process for seniors and those with dementia to experience a Basic TV. Ask a Spectrum receiver with a big button remote that restricts choices to channel down/up. Volume down/up, power, and mute. This smooth establishment enables you to explore via a customized channel lineup of your most-viewed stations, without engaging in complicated features or menus. Spectrum can also deliver a remote housing that covers unneeded buttons. By paying attention to the essentials, this establishment developed a strong proof, a few years back TV experience style featured to your necessities. Connect Spectrum, to begin with the appropriate TV solution.

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Spectrum Basic Cable Cost

The cost for the Spectrum Basic Cable Plan differs based on your location and the number of TV sets you are willing to attach. A few of the recent Spectrum Basic Cable cost information are given below.

Number of TV SetsMonthly Cost

Spectrum Basic Cable Plan Channels Book

A few of the excellent Basic Cable Channels Spectrum guide is given below.

Channel NumberChannel NameDescription
1ABCLocal ABC affiliate
2CBSLocal CBS affiliate
3NBCLocal NBC affiliate
4FOXLocal FOX affiliate
5ESPNSports network
6ESPN2Sports network
7FOX SportsSports network
8HGTVHome and Garden channel
9Food NetworkFood and Cooking channel
10Discovery ChannelEducational and informative channel
11History ChannelHistorical documentaries and programming
12A&EArts and entertainment channel
13AMCMovie and entertainment channel
14TBSEntertainment and sports channel
15TNTEntertainment and sports channel
16USA NetworkEntertainment and sports channel
17SyfyScience fiction and fantasy channel
18TruTVTrue crime and reality TV channel
19Investigation DiscoveryTrue crime and investigative programming
20Animal PlanetAnimal and Wildlife Channel
21National GeographicEducational and informative channel
22Travel ChannelTravel and adventure channel
23Food NetworkFood and Cooking channel
24Cooking ChannelFood and Cooking channel
25DIY NetworkHome improvement and DIY channel
26HGTVHome and garden channel
27TLCLifestyle and reality TV channel
28MTVMusic and entertainment channel
29VH1Music and entertainment channel
30CMTCountry music and entertainment channel
31BETBlack entertainment and music channel
32Comedy CentralComedy and entertainment channel
33NickelodeonChildren’s entertainment channel
34Nick Jr.Children’s educational channel
35NicktoonsChildren’s animated channel
36TeenNickChildren’s entertainment channel
37Cartoon NetworkChildren’s animated channel
38Adult SwimAdult animation and comedy channel
39BoomerangClassic cartoons and animation
40CNNNews and current events channel
41MSNBCNews and current events channel
42Fox NewsNews and current events channel
43CNBCBusiness and financial news channel
44BloombergBusiness and financial news channel
45ESPN NewsSports news and analysis channel
46ESPN ClassicSports documentaries and classic games
47ESPN2Sports network
48ESPNUSports network
49FOX Sports 1Sports network
50FOX Sports 2Sports network
51NBC Sports NetworkSports network
52Golf ChannelHockey and sports channel
53NBCSNBaseball and sports channel
54NHL NetworkFootball and sports channel
55MLB NetworkBasketball and sports channel
56NFL NetworkFootball and sports channel
57NBA TVBasketball and sports channel
58Tennis ChannelTennis and sports channel
59ESPN DeportesSpanish-language sports channel
60FOX DeportesSpanish-language sports channel

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So, the Spectrum Basic Cable Package delivers various channels at a cost-effective rate. This package makes it an appropriate choice for those who are willing to remain attached to local sports, news, and entertainment. With an excellent channel book and acceptance to Spectrum’s on-demand library, this plan delivers something for everyone. Whether you’re a games lover, a history explorer, or a foodie, the Spectrum Basic Cable Plan has a few things to deliver. To know more about the best internet packages, connect with Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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Spectrum Basic Cable Channels Package Guide and lineup (2024)
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