Teenage pregnancy statistics

Apart from the problem of gaming addiction, drugs addiction, even gambling addiction,
children and teenagers today are also experiencing teenage pregnancy. Such problems not only affect
their future, but also affects the future of the nation. Teenage pregnancy results in parenting
difficulties and financial problems due to lack of work. Leaving them no option than to be engage in

illegal activities or career. Therefore, it is important for adults and children to understand the problem
to prevent teenage pregnancy.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the standard for teen pregnancy
surveillance must not exceed 10% per 1,000 population. Looking at the numbers in Thailand from
1990, the number of births born to women under the age of 20 clearly increases. According to the
Journal of Administrative Administration(January - June 2019), there were 801,737 total births in 2012
from 129,451 adolescent girls aged 15-19 years. In 2015, the latest data, the birth rate was 44.8 per
1,000 same-age populations. Comparing the numbers of teen births in neighboring countries it was
found that Thailand has a high rate of teen births aged 15-19. Compared to Japan, Korea, China, and
Singapore have only 2-6 cases per 1,000 people.

Kunniga Jaiya

I am always enthused to develop my potential because it makes me more confident and self-esteem of myself.
The reason why I decided to be a young leader is because I think it is a chance to learn more about how to be a good leader and how to communicate on multimedia, and the most important to participate in this project, because I want to help others, especially those who are at-risk or victim of sexual exploitation.



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