Do you know? The number of SEC has increased in Thailand? or decreased?

People often say things like “Dress properly, you won’t be raped” “Behave yourself! You won’t get picked on. You won’t be molested.” These are the common statements in response to the news regarding sexual abuse. Many people believe these statements to be true. While some people might believe the opposite. There was an exhibition, “How did you dress on that day?” It showed clothing of SEC victims on the day of the incident. It is obvious that they did not dress provocatively. But why do these incidents still occur? What is your opinion about the above statements?
Do you agree that no matter how long it has been, sexual exploitation in children and adults still exists in Thai society? Do you know that not only girls are victims, but boys can also be victims? Let’s look at the statistics of SEC in Thailand. Has it increased or decreased? What are the factors? Is it because the children dress inappropriately? Behave provocatively? Or because of something else entirely?

In 2013 – 2019, there were several cases of SEC. The perpetrator were teacher, student, stranger, and guardians.

Please find infographic here:

From statistics show that a family member or trusted person could be the perpetrator. Some victims were deceived by friends they met through online platforms. Perpetrators are divided in percentage as followed:
1. Stranger 45.9%
2. Acquaintance/ family member/ teacher/ colleague/ relative/ neighbor/ stepfather 45.6% 3. Online friend 8.5%
Factors that lead to the incident are divided in percentage as followed:
1. Alcohol consumption 31.1%
2. Perpetrators’ sexual desire 22%
3. Drugs uses 16.3%
4. Robbery 11.7%
Top 5 provinces where children were sexually abused are divided in percentage as followed:
1. Bangkok 17.4%
2. Chonburi 7.6%
3. Samut Prakan 6.8%
4. Pathum Thani 5.2%
5. Chiang Mai 4.9%
Victims age groups are divided in percentage as followed:
1. Age of 11 – 15 47.3%
2. Age of 16 – 20 35.7%
3. Age of 6 – 10 4.5%
4. Age of 21 – 25 4.1%
Other related statistics:
1. Raped 43.9%
2. Forced prostitution 11.7%
3. Attempted rape 10.2%

Statistics above shows that sexual exploitation has been in Thai society from past to present. The incident of sexual exploitation appears in Thai literature, such as Mrs. Sida (นางสีดา) and Mrs. Wanthong (นางวันทอง), and news articles. Though today technology has advanced, the number of SEC is yet decreased.

Would it be better… if we respect each other's physical and mental rights?

Would it be better… if we value everyone's humanity equally?

Would it be better... if we see each other as human, not product or sexual object?

Finally, you should keep in mind that disrespectful demeanor, seductive eyes, obscene speech, embracing shoulder, and touching hand are considered sexual harassment that could lead to sexual abuse.

Lalita Bekaku (Unif)

Throughout the 6 years as a youth leader at ECPAT Foundation. I gained a lot of experience, developed my self-esteem, and am very proud of myself. I decided to be a young leader in this project because I would like to enrich my knowledge on the prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation, Children's Rights, and generate multimedia to communicate the problems and how to solve the problems.



Youth Voices for Change is an initiative of the Down To Zero Alliance that seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by amplifying the voices of young leaders for change in Latin America and Asia.