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The level of education in Indonesia is still low, yet it’s getting worse during the pandemic. Education is one out of 10 children’s rights. Every child has the right to have access to education. Parents and society have a responsibility to fulfill this right. When parents and society are unable to fulfill it, it is also the state's obligation to fulfill this right.
There are several facts about school dropouts, which I took from several sources. According to data taken from the KPPPA Child Profile, based on the results of the 2018 SUSENAS states;
The highest dropout rate among 7-17 years old is on high school/equal, which is 3,15%
The rate for the dropout rate for boys is higher than girls, where 0.97% for boys, and 0.71% for girls;
The dropout rate for children in rural areas is higher than in urban areas.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, all schools were forced to close. Due to the long holiday, the children are no longer good at reading and writing. Because of that some children decided to quit school.
The National Economic Survey on 2019 said that more than 43.7 million or equals to 7.9% of children aged 7-18 years are dropped out of school. Then data from UNICEF Indonesia & the Directorate General of PPMD, Mendes PDTT (2020) states that 70% of Indonesian children have a risk of dropping out of school and 30% of Indonesian children have a high risk of dropping out of school (Source: Metrotvnews). According to Ministry of Education and Culture shows that:

There are several reasons why there are still so many children dropping out of school, those are:
Financial issue
Early married
There is no gadget and costs to buy quota each month
Friends/ environment
Online games
Order from parents / family

These are the main reasons why many children drop out from school. Family’s financial issues are the biggest issue to this problem. So it is with gadgets, quotas, and online games issues. Due to modern times, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it requires children to continue online learning.
Dropping out of school leaves a serious impact on children and their environment. The negative impacts can be a lack of knowledge, work and early marriage are sometimes the decisions taken by children who drop out of school. Even though getting married at an early age has more impacts. In addition, sometimes when children drop out of school, juvenile delinquency becomes a new issue in this problem. And there are many more negatives.
I sometimes feel very sad when I see children dropping out of school. Even though they are still eager to continue their education. It's just that these reasons make them have to delay their dreams. However, sometimes I feel angry with children who want to quit school because of their own will. That in fact, their dreams and aspirations are not as high as their wills.
I really want to invite a lot of people. Starting from children, teachers, parents, the community and also the government, there are so many things that we can do and work together in reducing the dropout rates especially during this pandemic such as:
Conduct surveys and interviews with child victims and vulnerable children to find out the reasons and impacts of dropping out of school
To socialize child and communities about the importance of education
To advocate the influential people and create a program to gain more people to care about education.
We can also use Social Media Campaign as a form of advocacy to the entire community. Not only that, we can do a Write Letters activity (child victims write letters to certain people about their conditions) and we can also hold hearings to create a place for children to sound their voices. This could be better if it's done by children and the government. In addition, religious leaders, organizations and people who are successful in education, and those who have a big influence in reducing the dropout rate.
However, there are several risks that we need to be expecting. Sometimes victims don't want to be interviewed. The government may not want to support it. And the community may reject every activity that we want to do in reducing this issue. However, we will try to convince them with our activities so our dreams can be made into reality.
There are many things I want to say to Indonesian children. All children have the right to the education they deserve. Saving one child today equals to saving the world in the future. And the certain thing is that Indonesia should not ignore the matters of education, to make this country have the next generation of civilized and intelligent children. Things can be said to be successful if there is a visible change in them. Children have started to understand the importance of education. Parents and the community are aware of the importance of their children as seeds that will grow if planted in a fertile place, and so is the government which will continue to fight to save them.
Cheers for us, this nation's future children, who will stand at the frontline in saving Indonesia and the world.
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