Children as agents in the protection against commercial sexual exploitation of children

Author: Admin Eline
Imprint: Utrecht, May/2011
Resource Type: Documents
Document Type: Research / Investigación
Explotation Type: Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) / Explotación sexual de niñas (ESCNNA)
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It is my conviction that the effective practical implementation of the right of children to participate can strengthen children’s protection against commercial sexual exploitation. In this thesis I will try to provide an insight into the ways in which this can be achieved through the following hypothesis: When the right of children to participate is effectively implemented in practice, this will strengthen the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and ensure their comprehensive protection.

In the following chapters of this work I will try to demonstrate the probability of my hypothesis. I will first cover the concept of child participation in Chapter One. I will discuss the function and implications of Article 12(1) CRC, its linkages to other CRC articles and international and regional human rights instruments, requirements for effective implementation and child participation in practice. Chapter Two discusses the global problem of the commercial sexual exploitation of children. It explains the underlying factors contributing to CSEC, some important international developments and events in this regard, and the international and regional legal framework addressing CSEC, in particular the CRC and its optional protocols. It also sets out the existing gap between states’ commitments and the actual implementation of child protection measures, and identifies some general recommendations. In Chapter Three I will try to provide an insight into the relationship between children’s participation rights and children’s right to protection against CSEC, and set out the implications of implementing children’s participation rights in order to strengthen their protection. Finally, I will try to illustrate how children’s protection against CSEC can be – and, in fact, is already – achieved through child participatory initiatives by discussing some regional case studies, and identify a number of key recommendations to build on and duplicate existing good practices.



Youth Voices for Change is an initiative of the Down To Zero Alliance that seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by amplifying the voices of young leaders for change in Latin America and Asia.