TdH Private sector policy paper

Author: Judith Flick
Imprint: 2017
Resource Type: Documents
Document Type: Policy / Normativa y políticas
Explotation Type: Sexual exploitation of children in Travel & Tourism (SECTT) / Explotación Sexual de NNA en el contexto de turismo Child Sexual Abuse Material / Materiales de Abuso Sexual de NNA
Actor: Private sector / Empresas e industrias activas
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This paper explores different opportunities for Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH NL) to cooperate with the private sector and forms guidance for our strategy 2016-2020. It consists of two parts: 1. our position with regards to cooperation with private sector; and 2. strategies for TdH NL to promote child rights due diligence within the private sector. For the purposes of this position paper, ‘private sector’ refers to established companies with clear organisational structures.



Youth Voices for Change is an initiative of the Down To Zero Alliance that seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by amplifying the voices of young leaders for change in Latin America and Asia.