Trafficking in persons from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Thailand

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Document Type: Research / Investigación
Countries : Laos Myanmar [Burma] Thailand
Explotation Type: Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes / Trata de NNA con el propósito de su explotación Sexual exploitation of children in Travel & Tourism (SECTT) / Explotación Sexual de NNA en el contexto de turismo
Actor: Children / Niños, niñas y adolescentes Families & Communities / Familias y Comunidades Government / Gobierno Law enforcement / Fuerzas del orden
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The present report, “Trafficking in persons from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar to Thailand” is the result of a partnership between the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ). In 2016, TIJ invited UNODC to collaboratively develop an extensive research report on trafficking in persons from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar to Thailand with the objectives of increasing evidence-based information relating to trafficking in persons, reviewing the current state of knowledge, identifying existing information gaps and enhancing the capacity of States to generate, access and use information on trafficking in persons. This report is the first of its kind and marks the launch of an ongoing research and strategic policy partnership between UNODC and TIJ.



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