ICCO policy paper: Responsible Business Technical Guide

Author: Willeke Kempkes
Imprint: Utrecht, September/2016
Associated Institutions : ICCO
Resource Type: Documents
Document Type: Guideline / Guía Policy / Normativa y políticas
Explotation Type: Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) / Explotación sexual de niñas (ESCNNA)
Actor: Private sector / Empresas e industrias activas
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ICCO envisions a world in which poor and marginalized women, men and youth living in lower and middle income countries lead secure, sustainable, just and dignified lives (...). ICCO believes companies can be instrumental in achieving justice, equality and inclusive development, if associated risks and weaknesses are identified and addressed. We envisions that private sector contributes to the realization of human rights of poor and marginalized people in societies as part of its business processes, uses resources sustainably, is pro-poor in its production and as employer in the agricultural sector in developing countries.



Youth Voices for Change is an initiative of the Down To Zero Alliance that seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by amplifying the voices of young leaders for change in Latin America and Asia.