Field visit Peru and Colombia


Eline Pereboom (Coordinator of the Desk) and Willeke Kempkes (ICCO) visited the partners in Peru and Colombia after the regional meeting in Lima in August. It was a great visit with lots of interesting experiences and conversations with the partners and beneficiaries. Eline would like to share some of the main observations with you: 

  • Both in Peru and Colombia there are regular multi stakeholder meetings organised by the partners. Participants are local/national authorities, police officers, prosecutors, hotel associations and/or the ministry of tourism, universities etc. This is perceived as very valuable by all the participants to share information about the context and the prevalence of CSEC, to discuss the strategy and build relationships.

  • CSEC is very much interrelated with child trafficking within and between countries. In the Amazon rainforest, it is difficult to control borders and to react adequately to reports of trafficking and/or CSEC cases. Good collaboration with the police and prosecutors is crucial, but also awareness of CSEC and collaboration with local communities in those areas.

  • I noticed quite some similarities between countries and even between regions (Latin America and Asia). One of the things that I noticed is the challenge of cross-border child-trafficking and CSEC. Another similarity is that whenever we address the problem of CSEC, for example with hotels signing the Code and refusing children without ID-card in their hotels, CSEC does not diminish but it moves to other places. In Colombia we discussed that perpetrators might go to smaller hotels who are not (willing to) engaged in the fight against CSEC. This emphasizes that also prevention and addressing root causes is crucial in our programme.

  • Because in Peru and Colombia no other alliance partners are involved, there is less sharing and strengthening of each other in those countries (within the DtZ alliance). I noticed in other countries that partners can support each other, not only with information but also with joint lobby and relationship building with external stakeholders. However ICCO and its partners discussed how to strengthen the collaboration within the DtZ alliance in the regional meeting in latin America and agreed to engage and exchange more with each other.

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Publish Date: August 29, 2017
Category: Blog fieldvisit / Visita de campo



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