Young Leader

Lalita Bekaku (Unif)

Throughout the 6 years as a youth leader at ECPAT Foundation. I gained a lot of experience, developed my self-esteem, and am very proud of myself. I decided to be a young leader in this project because I would like to enrich my knowledge on the prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation, Children's Rights, and generate multimedia to communicate the problems and how to solve the problems.


Do you know? The number of SEC has increased in Thailand? or decreased?

A blog focused on updating information about SEC in Thailand, main cities where this crime occurs, who it affects the most, who are the main perpetrators and, also, related statistics to this issue.

Lalita Bekaku (Unif)


Guaranteeing children's rights.



Youth Voices for Change is an initiative of the Down To Zero Alliance that seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by amplifying the voices of young leaders for change in Latin America and Asia.