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Rechargeable battery-powered work lamp for construction sites, workshops and trades

Construction spotlights and otherLED work lightswith rechargeable batteries are ideal for use in the workshop or on construction sites. On construction sites, the necessary sockets are often far away or not available at all. It should not be forgotten thatpower failurescan also occur on construction sites. An LED work light with a rechargeable battery is worthwhile to avoid being left in the dark. In contrast to lamps with mains operation, an LED work lamp with a built-in rechargeable battery not only provides more flexibility during transport, but also does not require a permanent connection to a power source. You will find the right light for the job in our wide range of LED work lights with rechargeable battery.

Appropriate lighting on construction sites with the latest LED technology

On the construction site or in theworkshop, you can also provide brightness with an LED work light without a rechargeable battery. However, for maximum flexibility, it is advisable to choose a battery-powered LED work light. This means you are not dependent on a power connection in the event of a power failure or if there is no power socket nearby. A cable could also be a nuisance when working on tiles, for example. The LED work lights with rechargeable battery from Ledlenser work with the latest LED technology and therefore ensure a long light duration and sufficient brightness. A pleasant daylight white colour of 5,000 to 7,000 Kelvin is advantageous for work lights. Thecolour temperature of lamps, also known as the light colour, is specified in Kelvin and indicates where in the light spectrum the light colour of the spotlight lies. Depending on the model, Ledlenser rechargeable work lights are also equipped with useful functions.

Good to know: Compared to conventional light sources, LEDs consume only 10 % of the luminous flux for the same light output. This means that rechargeable work lights not only have a longer service life, but are also much smaller than other work lights thanks to their compact shape.

LED rechargeable work lights: Powerbanks as useful companions

Thanks to efficient Li-ion rechargeable batteries, you can charge your work light using a USB-C cable. As it is often difficult to find a reliable power source on the construction site, some of our models allow you to charge the work light with apower bankor use the light as a power bank for your mobile phone. These models include the iF4R, iW3R and iF8R lamps.

Advantages of an LED work light with built-in rechargeable battery

Whether it's aflashlight,headlamporconstruction spotlight: Ledlenser offers you the advantage of being able to choose from a wide range of rechargeable work lights with a wide variety of functions. This means you never have to work in the dark, even in the event of a power failure. Depending on your application requirements, you can choose whether you place more value on an excellent light duration, a rotatable lamp head, a flexible attachment and an adjustable light cone. Or perhaps you prefer to use headlamps at work, with which you can illuminate specific areas in a targeted manner and always have your hands free? If your rechargeable work light has an adjustable light cone or a zoom function, you can easily and simply illuminate both distant and close-up areas.

Our large selection of LED work lights with built-in rechargeable battery not only offers you perfect illumination at all times, but also a flexibly transportable light.

Rechargeable work lights - frequently asked questions & answers

What are the advantages of rechargeable work lights compared to corded lights?

Cordless work lights offer high flexibility and mobility, particularly useful on construction sites or in workshops where there is often no direct power source. Without cables, the risk of accidents is also significantly reduced.

What features are decisive when choosing a cordless work light?

Important features include luminosity, robustness and the ability to set different light modes to be equipped for any situation. You should also look for a long battery life.

How do I choose the right rechargeable torch for the construction site?

For construction sites, we recommend powerful, robust and weather-resistant rechargeable torches with a long battery life and a wide beam of light. Construction floodlights are particularly bright, headlamps are flexible.

Which cordless lamp is best suited for the workshop?

Rechargeable work lights for the workshop with flexible positioning, adjustable luminosity and glare-free light are ideal. Powerful cordless penlights are suitable for inspections, headlamps for longer work.

Can cordless work lights be used in all weather conditions?

Most high-quality cordless work lights are weatherproof and can also be used reliably in extreme conditions such as rain or snow. Pay attention to the IP protection classes.

Can rechargeable work lights also be used as emergency lighting?

Yes, thanks to their portability, long battery life and strong luminosity, rechargeable work lights are ideal for use as emergency lighting.

Are there cordless work lights with replaceable batteries?

Some models offer replaceable batteries, which increases flexibility and allows them to be used for longer periods of time without access to a charger.

What additional functions can cordless work lights offer?

As well as the main lighting, some models offer additional features such as flashing modes, coloured light options and the ability to act as a power bank.

Rechargeable LED work lights | Ledlenser (2024)
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